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LearnEarnGo is Owned by FGT GROUP

FGT GROUP was started in 2011, by group of philanthropists and businessmen, to motivate, to guide and tune the untrained, inexperienced, skilled talented persons to the domain-based work to get along with the competitive and sophisticated organization work culture.

FGT consist of 26 business houses with offices in 8 countries across the globe. Our business consists of Banking, Cargo, Tourism, Visa Consultants, Delivery Services, Software, Call Centers, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Advertising, Two-Wheeler and Four-Wheeler Manufacturing units, Computer and Mobile Dealer Networks, Leather Goods manufacturing, Constructions, Real Estate, Facility Management services, Manpower consultancy, Event organizers, Insurance, Furniture Showrooms, Logistics and Shipping.


FGT is the bridge so you can achieve your dreams. We are a higher learning to earn institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to Generate sustainable cultural and career development alternatives to lead to a more efficient administration of the world; exerting human and community rights in diversified multinationals with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world. We are looking for undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate students on field internship programs.

FGT will support you to achieve your goals, as you are Unique and Unrepeatable. In this last decade years of our business journey we had placed thousands of our international Alumni in various professional and career segments

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We provided customizable solutions in the areas of Student Achievement, E-Learning and Professional Development.

Learn the skills most employers look into an employee before they hire them. Learn the most required skills from professional and experienced team of professionals.

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What Our Students Have to Say

LearnEarnGo is the best platform to learn & explore in the area of our field of study. It offers complete training & practical to equipped with skills needed for the industry.
Dhawal Shah
Manipal University, UAE
LearnEarngo is the finest classroom & E-learning platform. Trainers are very flexible and clarifies all the doubts related to our subjects. Internships are just like a joy ride which results with sharpening of our skills.
Zara Zeba
From India
I highly recommend LearnEarnGo, they style of working is completely different what I have experienced with other firms. It offers not just an internship, it is more of career development and I personally thanks to Mr. Anwar for guiding me in the right direction.
Aseem Jamal
Osmania Univeristy, India
Training & support has always been the priority throughout the training. Learnearngo assist in 360 degree focused with developing an intern on personal & professional grounds.
Manipal University, UAE
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